What is MiniManage? This is opensource project created initially for my own use to make a MiniShowcase ( gallery management much easier. In other words: I just wanted to let my wife take care of our photo gallery :).
Other reason why I decided to develop such a program is client-side photos scaling. It is much faster to resize your 2MB photo for a web to eg. 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution before you upload it so you can push only 200kB file over your modem/broadband instead of the huge, full-size 2MB picture.

To use my photo-uploader you will have to put a server-side script (soap.php included in the package) and additionoal NuSoap libraries ( in your MiniShowcase Gallery home directory and set a write permission to 'galleries/' for a web-server.
If it sounds too complicated.... read my How-to section


latest version
Beta 0.1.2

This is first (Beta) release of my MiniManage project.

Get 0.1.2

Basic functionality:

+ Clien side photo scaling/rotating (no need to push huge images over your Modem/Broadband)
+ Drag & drop - just drop the whole folder with files to upload on the gallery window
+ Easy keybord control (just move up/down and rotate with arrows or remove unwanted photos with 'delete' key
+ Batch uploading - set the whole gallery to upload and watch some movie in the meantime :)
+ Edit gallery and photo description - to add description for individual photos you will have to edit MiniShowcase gallery source code.
+ You can easily browse photos on the server and remove unwanted.

What do you need to do to use my MiniManage with MiniShowcase gallery?

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Main Features

Why to use it? Here you go - few reasons why it is usefull (at least for me)